A delicious visit to Spilled Milk Ice Cream in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Oct 10, 2021

Cereal and ice cream. What a genius combination. Cereal goes in milk, ice cream is made with milk. It makes so much sense and yet, putting the two together has never once crossed my mind. This combination is the foundation behind a unique ice cream shop in East Salt Lake City called Spilled Milk Ice Cream.

Spilled Milk Ice Cream - Home
Welcome to Spilled Milk Ice Cream! We are located at 907 E 900 South, Salt lake City, UT 84105. Our phone number is 801-556-1715. We look forward to seeing you soon!

They make sweet desserts that feature both ice cream and cereal among other flavors. I elected to have an enhanced ice cream sandwich called Coco-Licious. This consisted of two chocolate cookies surrounding vanilla ice cream, all rolled in Cocoa Pebbles.

Emily went a little more extravagant and got the item called the Match Made In Heaven. This delicious concoction included Butterfinger, Cookie Crisp, and Reese's Puffs, all mixed in a red velvet cone. And if that wasn't enough they topped it off with a Kit Kat.

This place was more than a genius flavor combination. The inside was really cute, and the desserts were incredible. For anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, I would highly recommend Spilled Milk Ice Cream.

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