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A walk to uncover hidden gems

Salt Lake City Nov 14, 2021

Today, like most days of the week, I spent about an hour going for a walk. Normally, I leave straight from my apartment and stroll around my surrounding neighborhood. I take note of houses whose yards I like as I dream of owning my own house one day. I check in on the local thrift store and coffee shops as I pass by. I monitor the progress of the local construction of what appears to be another apartment complex.

Today was a bit different though. I hopped into my car and drove up to a neighborhood in Salt Lake City called the Avenues. This was a new area for me. New sights to see. New houses to spark dreams. New architecture to admire. New places to uncover.

The main reason I deviated from my normal walk around Sugarhouse was that I am on an ongoing quest to find treasure. The treasure for me can be a lot of things. I want to find the streets with trendy restaurants and bars. I want to find the quaint coffee shop tucked into a quiet neighborhood. I want to find walls with beautiful murals that breathe life into the surrounding area. Anything that resonates with me, I want to find. The only way to do that is by exploring more!

Unsure what I would find, I set off on my journey. After driving across South Temple Street I found a spot to park, slipped my headphones in, and began to explore, no real direction in mind. I passed various houses, all showing off an older architectural style than I was used to around Sugarhouse. There were people out and about, raking leaves, and cleaning up their yards before the winter snow arrives. I walked by a restaurant, and then a beautiful-looking coffee shop called Publik.

I turned the corner and continued admiring the buildings around me. I looked to my right across the street. Then I looked back to my left and noticed some nice green planters lining the sidewalk. My eyes rose from the planters to an interesting building. The main structure consisted of blue brick, but there were red bricks lining a large window. Windows with green trim say above the main portion and the remainder was covered with shingles.  

After my initial glance, I looked closer and noticed the Open sign. Turns out this was a coffee shop! I read the plaque on the wall and learned that this was a historic building. I still haven't really placed why the concept of having a coffee shop inside a historic building was so intriguing to me, but something about the whole style and aesthetic of the building spoke to me.

This may not have been the treasure I was searching for, but it still sparked my creativity. I took a step back and snapped a few pictures that you saw above.

Kind of interesting that a building with uniquely colored bricks can be the main topic of a blog. Really goes to show that inspiration can come from anywhere. I will echo a statement that I have repeatedly advocated: take a breath, slow down, and admire the things around you. You might find your own blue brick building in an unexpected place.

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