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Blogging Everyday Challenge - One Week In

Sep 20, 2021

If you aren't aware, I took on a challenge from Elizabeth Beeli to blog everyday for 30 days straight. Today marks one full week of participating in the challenge.

I’ve been challenged to blog every day for 30 days
I have been challenged to write every single day for 30 days. This is the beginning.

Now don't get me wrong, I am aware 7 days is not a long time to blog everyday. Still, I want to celebrate the little wins because blogging is so new to me. It has taken a good chunk of time each day to decide what topic I want to cover, structure the content, and then write the blog. A lot of my blogs are advice-focused pieces on outdoor topics too. I want them to actually be useful to my audience so I put a lot of thought and content into them. Needless to say it takes a while, and I am happy that I have made it this far. The end of 30 days isn't quite in sight yet, but I have taken a good first step.

I am going to save my learnings for the end of the challenge, see you in 22 more days!

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