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Dreaming of the next adventure

Nov 18, 2021

This is a weird time of year. The weather turns cold which keeps me from wanting to hike or camp. Yet, there isn't enough snow for ski resorts to open. It is an odd state of adventure purgatory for me. The last few weekends I have only walked around the city, staying close to home. I haven't adventured, haven't created any videos, I haven't been spontaneous.

In a weird way, I feel guilty. Like I am meant to be doing something else, something more extravagant. I worry about complacency. It is an odd feeling for sure. As you can see, taking time to relax is difficult for me. I feel as if I must constantly be taking that next step forward. Instead, I need to take a step back, and just, relax. Adventures are in the near future for me. Snow falls around the ski resorts. My friends begin to dust off their boots and wax their skis. Plans slowly start to come together.

Full speed ahead!
Photo by Maarten Duineveld / Unsplash

That time for adventure will soon be here. For now, it is time to relax.

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