Easy but beautiful hike near Salt Lake City - Living Room Trail

Utah Oct 1, 2021

Yesterday I wrote a blog post previewing a long hike of Grandeur peak after work. Well, life happens. Plans change and you just gotta go with the flow sometimes. My friend had to back out due to other commitments, and I did not feel like doing a hike with lots of elevation gain by myself.

Instead, I decided to do the Living Room Trail. This was a perfect evening hike because it was just the right length at 2.3 miles. I started it around six and got to a great lookout point around 6:45pm. This may not have been the peak of a mountain, but I still had incredible views of Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. I also was able to enjoy my dinner while watching the sunset over Salt Lake City.

My view from where I ate

The moral of the story here, even if plans quickly change, adaptability when adventuring or hiking can be your greatest asset. I still had a great evening even though my plans fell apart.


Hawkin Saeger

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