Atop the mountain at Deer Valley Resort

My worst day of skiing to my best day of skiing in one week

Skiing Feb 10, 2022

As people often say in life, you win some and you lose some. Well two weeks ago, I definitely lost to the mountain. There has been no snowfall in about a month now here in Utah which is quite abnormal as these resorts average around 500 inches of snow a year.

I felt those conditions when I got to Snowbird two Sundays ago. On my first run, I could just tell the runs weren't ideal. The snow felt super packed and hard, even icy in some areas. It was tough and my legs had to work super hard, tiring out fast. I fell a bunch of times, was uncomfortable in my boots, and was sweating in my jacket. Nothing seemed to go my way. It's hard to complain though because I was still skiing. Even if it wasn't great I was taking in some beautiful views of Little Cottonwood Canyon that most people dream of. I tried my best to focus on these positives, but it was a tough, tough day.

My poor day at Snowbird

My fortune completely flipped last weekend at Deer Valley Resort. The snow conditions haven't changed, but something was just different. The sun might have softened the groomed runs a little more, or maybe I was just better rested, who knows. It was incredible. I skied 14 miles that day with my friend Sarah, certainly filling my quota. My turns felt smooth and I noticed an improvement in my carving and my confidence overall. The sun was shining and there was barely a cloud in the sky. Even on a tough mogul run among the trees featuring a lot of falling, my spirits were high.  

I think the lesson here is to not get so down on your worst days. Try and see the positives and take the next opportunity to improve on that poor experience. Sometimes things work out like you hope, but other times they don't, and that is all right. It isn't always perfect, but all you can do is try and have a better outing next time.

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