Thunderberry pie from Thunderbird Restaurant near Zion National Park

One of the best parts of travel - small locally-owned restaurants

Sep 23, 2021

Food is the best. Travel is also the best. Having food while traveling, now that is a power combo. I love exploring the unique parts of a town and finding appetizing delights in quaint cafes.

Small businesses really breathe life into a town, and restaurants are no exception to that. They often feature unique decorations from the town. It feels like more culture comes from these places than chain restaurants.

After leaving Zion, my friend Trent and I pulled off at Thunderbird Restaurant. Their sign with the restaurant's slogan drew us in.

And their marketing sure worked because we each had a slice of pie after our lunch. I gotta say, it was incredible. I don't remember the last time I tried a local place and was disappointed. So try something new! Ditch the chain for a different and often pleasant experience eating while traveling.

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