Photo of the Month: April

Photography Jun 14, 2023

Wow have I been slacking putting up these blogs... The fault is all my own, but it has been quite a busy few months with travel, weddings, and making videos for my YouTube taking up a lot of my time. Editing my photos and blogging have fallen a bit by the wayside, but don't you fret because I am back with another installment of the Photo of the Month series! This one features more shots of people, all from my family coming to visit me in Salt Lake City over my birthday!

During April, I tried out some ski photography for the very first time. It certainly is quite different. The shutter speed has to be bumped up a ton, and you are working hard to keep the subject in focus. I was quite happy with how a few of these turned out. I can't wait to get some more shots when ski season returns next year!

Switching gears a bit though, my best shot of the month turned out to be a random portrait. Sometimes I just do a run and gun style and snap random pictures throughout the day. This is what happened while my family and I were exploring Park City, UT together. After sifting through the photos, this picture of my sister and her boyfriend jumped out to me. It's sharp, framed well, and captures my sister's silly smile in that moment. It is well desrving of the photo of the month this time!

Hope you enjoyed a few of my better pictures from April, and get ready for a jam packed May installment soon. There might even be a new piece of camera gear featured!

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