Photo of the Month: February

Photography Mar 3, 2023

I will be the first to admit I didn't take a ton of pictures this month. Something about the winter isn't as inspiring for me to get out and snap a ton of shots. Not to mention I spend most of my weekends skiing too!

Well the shot I am making my photo of my month came from a ski trip I went on in the last weekend of February. I went up to Sun Valley, ID with a few friends. It was a fun weekend overall, and we had a great time skiing. Saturday night we explored the ski town too and I snapped this photo:

The picture is just a simple shot of a slightly busy road in the town of Ketchum Idaho. However, I am quite pleased with how I got the shot in focus despite the varying distancves. I also think the time of day made for a really great picture. The blue hour gives an overall moody feel that made this specific shot stick out to me.

Hope you enjoyed this photo in the month, and I look forward to what March has to bring!

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