Photo of the Month: January

Photo of the Month Feb 3, 2023

Hey and welcome to a new series! When setting my goals for the year, I wanted to improve my photography. I am still fairly new to using my Sony mirrorless camera, and this photo of the month challenge is the perfect excuse to get more repetitions in.

The purpose of this little blog series is to highlight my best photo of the month, while sharing a small story and some more pictures on the way. It provides me with some fun motivation to take more pictures throughout the year. I hope you enjoy!

Without further adieu, here is my photo of the month:

I am not sure exactly why I really enjoy this picture. Maybe it is the perspective of the shop wall leading away from the focus. Maybe it is the wood signs that really pop and match the textures of the tree on the right. The light snowfall also adds a cool element to the photo.

This picture just came out of a small walk through a neighborhood in Salt Lake City. It was nothing special, but that almost adds to the aesthetic of the picture. Here are some other photos I snapped while on this walk:

That's about it! I hope to see some really unique and interesting pictures come out of this series. I will check back in with you at the end of February!

Until next time!



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