Photo of the Month: June

Photography Aug 25, 2023

Whelp. I have fallen behind again.

Anyways, let's dive back into the archives and look at some of my best photos from June!!! June featured two main photography outings. The first, was my first glimpse at Utah's wildflowers this season. All of these pictures were taken on a hike to Mt. Van Cott.

Most of the wildflowers had died, but there was a beautiful field filled to the brim near the top of the hike! My enjoyment photographing various wildflowers has grown tremendously this year and you will likely see more flower photos in future blog posts! (hint hint read this one)

The wildflowers are popping in Salt Lake City’s mountains!
The wildflowers sure took their time this year, but they are in full bloom right now!
I was kicking myself for not having my wildlife lens along, but still decently like this pic

The second set of photos I really enjoyed came from a trip later in the month to Moab. This was such a fun time filled with sites and hikes, and of course, photos. Check these ones out!

My favorite of this bunch was how I managed to frame my girlfriend perfectly in the gap between the rocks. It seemed like such an inconsequential moment while I was snapping some photos, but I looked at it after the trip and really fell in love with the unique composure.

Finally, my favorite photo of the month also comes from the Moab trip, and has been featured in a few spots on the website already.

The Needles district in Canyonlands

I really enjoy the framing of this photo. The blue sky taking the upper portion contrasted by the lower orangish landscape. The left side foreground of the rock also adds something unique to this photo that stands out to me. Not to mention these rock formations are stunning!!! Thank you Utah for your incredible landscape.

Hope you enjoyed the June installment! See you soon for the July one! (hopefully 😅)


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