Photo of the Month: March

Photography Apr 15, 2023

Well hey again everyone and welcome back to the third installment of my photo of the month series. This one was really exciting because I got some new gear this month – a drone! Before I talk about that, here a few other pictures that I took this past month that I enjoyed.

Firstly, I'd like to start with some photos from my iPhone. Now this is not really the point of the challenge because one of the reasons I started the Photo of the Month series was to get more practice with my camera instead of resorting to my phone. Nevertheless it is impressive what smartphones can do.

I wasn't really setting out to capture a perfect photo when I snapped these. That is the beauty of the smartphone though when it comes to pictures. They are so quick and easy, and personally I use my phone to capture memories and moments opposed to trying to create "art" with my camera. They really are perfect devices for that. In the end I was particularly  impressed how my iPhone 11 captured the lasers in the tough low light conditions.

Next up I have a few pictures from my actual camera. One night, there was a mix of snow and rain falling outside very slowly. It was pretty mesmerizing so I pushed my Sony a6400 to the limits by trying to snap some photos in low light conditions. They are by no means perfect, but I like how they turned out.

Lastly, we get to the exciting addition to my gear. This past month, I purchased a DJI Mini 2. I have always wanted to get a drone to add an extra aspect of filmmaking to my videos. It just so happens that I can also get some really great pictures too! There is simply no other way to get the kinds of shots you can with a drone (outside of flying in a helicopter) and I am super happy with my purchase. Now there a ton of regulations around drones, and I won't always be able to use it. The most notable restriction for me is that drones are not allowed at all in National Parks. As much of a bummer as that is, I do actually appreciate the rules that keep the parks serene and peaceful as I know how drones can be a bit of a disturbance.

Nevertheless, when I can use it, I am excited to expand my skillset in filmmaking/photography. Here is the photo of the month for March which actually came from my very first flight with the drone!

I love the way the picture is segmented into the residential area versus the towering mountains and sky. The clouds creeping in also gives this shot an extra element as well.

Hope you enjoyed this month's installment, and I will see you next month!

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