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Planning Trips is an Art

Oct 16, 2021

I woke up this morning ready to plan my next adventure. Last weekend was so much fun, and I want to get out and travel more. I have so many concepts for trips to take and friends to visit floating around in my head.

Do I find a cheap flight to visit my friend Sidney in Houston? Do I drive down to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and meet up with my former roommate Adnan? Maybe I go check out California's national parks.

It certainly isn't hard to come up with these ideas. There is so much to see and so much to do. The issue arises when you have to make a concrete plan and execute on it. Do I road trip or fly? Where can I stay that is cheap? I almost feel like I need dedicated trip planner.

Planning for the weekend
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Maybe I just need to go for it. Buy a flight or start driving towards cool locations. I have my car camping platform built so I can stay in a lot of places now if I road trip. I can also work remotely which is really freeing to allow me to travel during the week as long as I have Wi-Fi.

Sometimes going into the unknown is a bit nerve-racking, but I just have to remind myself that there was no real plan for my adventure last week and it turned out incredibly. Adaptability, flexibility, and positivity might be some of the most important traits when it comes to having a great trip.

Expect a follow-up to this post soon on what comes from these thoughts. Hopefully, the blog will be written from a new city or state...

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