Seeing a midwest idol at Wiseguys Comedy Club in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Feb 23, 2022

One thing I believe people don't do enough seeing live comedy shows. They say laughter is the best medicine so why not get out there and have a laugh! When I studied abroad, my friends and I would often head out to the local comedy club in Liverpool for an open mic night and drinks. It was so fun and I have so many fond memories from those nights.

When I saw that one of my favorite comedians, Charlie Berens, was coming to Salt Lake City, I knew I had to get to the show. I instantly bought tickets and awaited the day to come. Last Thursday, I hopped on the train and made my way to Wiseguys Comedy Club. What a great venue for comedy! They had a full bar and a kitchen serving food throughout the show. It wasn't a giant theater, but it was still a great location with lots of seating. The chairs were filled with many people like myself. I saw cheeseheads, Wisconsin badger shirts, and so much more than reminded me of home. Not to mention the beers the crowd was putting down.

Charlie Berens - Comedian
Charlie Berens is a comedian, Emmy Award winning journalist and host of the Manitowoc Minute.

And to top if all off, Charlie Berens put on a great show. He brought the energy, laughs, and stories relating to both Utah and Wisconsin. Afterwards,I got to chat with him and bit and take a photo. My family and friends from back home were quite jealous after they saw the pic on social media. But enough about my experience. Get out there and have yourself a time. Go check out a comedy club!

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