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Spontaneous adventures are some of the best

Outdoors Sep 30, 2021

Sometimes, the best adventures are the unplanned ones that crop out of nowhere. Yesterday, my good friend texted me completely out of the blue asking if I wanted to hike Grandeur Peak after work. Unfortunately, I had to decline due to work being pretty crazy.

Butttttt... I only had to push it back one single day! I look forward to this after-work adventure today, doing my first long peak in Utah. I expect the elevation gain to be tough, but I am sure the views and sights around sunset time will be immaculate.

Leaving this blog short because I do not have a ton of time to write more after work because I will be hiking. I have been loving this blogging journey, but hiking still takes precedence (sorry writing).

Check back in tomorrow :)

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Until next time!



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