Hey! My name is Hawkin

I am a recent college graduate who moved across the country after graduation to Salt Lake City, Utah. I currently work in the tech industry as a data analyst.

I am a man of ever changing interests, but above all I have a love for adventure. In my free time, you can often find me backpacking, camping, hiking, skiing or fishing. When I am able to, I love to travel both domestically and internationally. I want to share my adventures and hobbies with all of you. Read on to see how I do just that!


I have found that videos can capture memories, adventures, and experiences in so many more ways than photos can, and I have really grown to enjoy this hobby. Subscribing would mean a lot to me as it shows your continued support!

The Blog

I write blogs about many of my adventures as well as random things going on in my life! Read some of my posts and consider subscribing to be kept in the loop when I write new blogs!