About Me

About Me

Hey thanks for stopping by my website! My name is Hawkin Saeger it's great to meet you (virtually) 😄. If you are curious about who I am, it's hard to answer one single thing. I play/watch soccer, play board games, do a lot cooking, work in analytics, and so much more.

Above all though I love adventure, specifically the outdoors. Give me a peaceful evening with a hammock tied between two trees, an itinerary for a weekend national park trip, or a day birding at a wildlife refugee searching for my next lifer, and I would be so in. I even built out a bed platform designed for my SUV just so it is easier to go out on quick adventures!

It brings me a lot of joy to capture some of my favorite life moments through video and photo to relive and enjoy. What is even cooler is I can share them with all of you to inspire others to explore!

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If you are interested in collaborating/working with me, or you just want to connect, send me an email at hawkin@hawkinsaeger.com.

Work With Me
Are you a brand that shares my passion for the outdoors? I’d love to work with like-minded companies to promote products and experiences that embody my love for nature and adventure! By partnering with me, you’ll get to work with an experienced creator who produces authentic social media content.

Happy adventuring!

- Hawkin