My Gear

While many of you follow my journey, I know there are often questions about what gear I use. I want to add a quick disclaimer that while something may work really well for me, it might not be the best for you! After adventuring for many years, I know where I am willing to compromise, and where I can't budge. Still, I hope you find my list useful!

Last updated: May 24, 2024

Affiliate Programs

Many of these links are Amazon (or other) affiliate links. That means that if you purchased a product after using my link, I would get a small kickback. This is a really easy way to support me! This in no way influences my opinions on products and I have included many products on here that I do not receive a kickback from too. Most items have descriptions sharing my personal experience using it for added transparency!

Blackbeard Fire

I am an affiliate for Blackbeard Fire. They make an variety of products related to all things fire starting. As of this point, I have only personally used the Fire Starter Sticks and wow they are awesome! You can still make a fire when the product is wet which is crazy. Check out this product and others on their website.

Black Beard Fire Starters, The Best fire starter
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Car Camping Gear

Right here you can find the key pieces of gear I use while I am car camping. From cooking meals, to storing everything, to lighting, and more. Each item has a purpose in my setup.

Camera Gear

This is the gear I use for filming my Youtube videos that I post. If you aren't already, I recommend checking out my content and subscribing!

Birding Gear

Here are some of the key items I use when I got out birding! Go give my birding YouTube channel a look!


This is a collection of outdoor-related items or simply things I am passionate about. Hopefully they can bring you some value!