First Time Skiing in Montana at Big Sky Resort

My first time getting the full experience skiing out west was a memorable one. Couldn't have asked for much more than this.

First Time Skiing in Montana at Big Sky Resort

Man my trip to visit Andy in Idaho was all I could have asked for. First, we had a solid day on the ice catching trout. You can read about that here:

Ice fishing in the Idaho winter
A beautiful day ice fishing out on Henry’s Lake in Idaho
This trip happened back on December 13th, 2021

Then, we packed all our gear into Andy's Subaru, braved some winter winter, and drove from Island Park, Idaho to Big Sky, Montana for a full day of skiing. A video can show you the whole experience way better than I could describe it so I invite you to check out this video.

But wow, this was it. I was finally skiing out west after so much anticipation. Previously, I had only skied in Wisconsin at Granite Peak Ski Resort. This was certainly a change of pace, and it was incredible.

Big Sky's trail map

The lift seemed endless! It just kept going farther and farther up into the mountain. Once at the top, I started my camera to record some of the runs. After reaching the bottom, I checked the timer and the video was 8 minutes long! I don't think I have ever done a run longer than 3 minutes!

Only the middle portion of the hill was open because it was early season, but I couldn't care. Andy and I finally got the chance to ski out west and it was all everything we could have asked for.

Certainly looking forward to skiing my heart out in the Utah resorts as soon as possible.

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Until next time!