I've been challenged to blog every day for 30 days

I have been challenged to write every single day for 30 days. This is the beginning.

I've been challenged to blog every day for 30 days
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The headline pretty much says it all. It all started when I launched my website publicly on a few social platforms, specifically LinkedIn

Hawkin Saeger on LinkedIn: Hawkin Saeger
After many hours of working on a personal website, I am excited to finally say I am in a place where I am happy to launch it! Check it out at here! https...

In the post, I expressed how I had held back on releasing my website for a long time because I wanted everything to be perfect. I struggle to share my content because I often think what I am doing is not enough. Who would even care about my site?

The challenge

Within a few hours, one of my coworkers from Lucid, Elizabeth Beeli, sent me a message on LinkedIn.

And what exactly does this 'interesting challenge' entail? Well, she challenged me to write every single day for 30 days and publish my work on a public platform for anyone to see. Check out more information in her blog post. Intrigued by the challenge, I explored more of her site and found out she has been writing daily for over 1000 days straight! I was mind blown. Needless to say, her dedication, consistency, and experience inspired me.

I certainly have my concerns. I might get busy and struggle to find time to write. I really worry about generating ideas to write about. I also don't think I'm a good writer. But as Elizabeth says in her three-year reflection:

The bottom line is, I write to become a better writer. And the only way to become a better writer is to write

So that is what I am going to do. Write. For every day during this month. My writing might not be great right now. However, I am by nature a competitor.

In high school, I decided to join the swim team my senior year. The swim coach was also my long-time soccer coach and he knew me extremely well. During practice, he decided to pair me in a lane with three very experienced swimmers. He knew I couldn't keep up with them or maintain their pace. He did know me as a competitor though. And it was my competitive drive that pushed me harder to stay right behind them. I improved significantly because of this.

Likewise, Elizabeth is now posing me a challenge just like my swim coach challenged me 5 years ago. And I really don't want to fail it.

In other words, see you tomorrow.

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