The wildflowers are popping in Salt Lake City's mountains!

The wildflowers sure took their time this year, but they are in full bloom right now!

The wildflowers are popping in Salt Lake City's mountains!

With such a large snowfall this past winter, it took quite a lot time for the mountains to really melt out. More snow meant it stuck around for a lot longer. This delayed hiking season for one, but also moved back the peak of the wildflowers.

iPhone 11 portrait mode

I am happy to report they have finally arrived! There are beautiful native flowers blooming all over the Cottonwood Canyons right now. Last weekend, my girlfriend and I did a short hike at Alta. A premier ski resort in the winter turns into a stunning meadow of wildflowers in the summer. We hiked from Albion Base up to the Albion Meadow by the Catherine's Pass trailhead.

You can totally pay $5 and park up at this trailhead for a much shorter stroll through the wildflowers, but we wanted to do a quick hike anyways. Once we reached the meadow it prompted an impromptu photoshoot

The flowers were stunning. If only I had remembered to put my SD card back into my camera :( To make matters even worse there were SO many hummingbirds flying around! They were so cool to see, but I really wanted to snap some closer pictures with my camera lens.

Blurry zoomed in pic from my iPhone

Regardless, it was still a great day. Get out there while the wildflowers are still great!