Three Pines Coffee in Salt Lake City

My friend Emily and I stopped in a cute little coffee shop in downtown Salt Lake City yesterday. I would recommend Three Pines Coffee to anyone!

Three Pines Coffee in Salt Lake City

Yesterday, my friend Emily and I walked around downtown Salt Lake City. It was a dreary day, raining off and on. The ground and air shared a sense of wetness that weighed everything down. I had just picked Emily up from the airport at 8am, so we were looking to grab some coffee to kickstart the day.

After some time walking around, we stepped into a small coffee shop called Three Pines Coffee. As soon as we opened the door, we were whisked away from the dreary, rainy weather from outside. The coffee aroma wafted right into our noses, and a friendly barista greeted us.

Three Pines Coffee from the street

The inside of the building was small, but that did not take away from its charm. The shop was minimal with hints of outdoor decoration, hence the name Three Pines Coffee. I really enjoyed the aesthetic as I try to be minimal myself, and also enjoy the outdoors.

I saw they sold matcha, a drink I had never tried before! A new coffee shop, so hey, might as well try something completely new for me. I got my matcha hot, with regular milk, and sweetened. It was very earthy, but I really enjoyed it.

Our stop at Three Pines was a short one, but even so, it started our day on the right note. Some tasty, hot, caffeinated drinks from a local shop are as good of a way to start a day as any.

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Until next time!