Chair lift conversations and good vibes

Skiing is a beautiful sport. The people are often overlooked as a contributor to an amazing experience, but I wanted to highlight that quick.

Chair lift conversations and good vibes

There is something special about ski and snowboarding culture. People just seem to really love life out on the hill. My last day at Deer Valley just seemed to be one of the best examples of this. Maybe it was the stunning views. Maybe it was the weather blessing us with a powder day. Maybe its just the opportunity to be doing something so fun with friends.

I struck up a few different conversations with people as I rode the lift to the top. Some from the east coast, some local. Some worked in finance, others in health care. It didn't matter everyone was so nice and just exhibited such a positive energy.

Halfway through my day I saw that someone had fell. To spread the positivity around, I skied up to her and helped her up and got her back on her skis. You would have thought I just saved her child from a burning building with how thankful she was for my help.

I guess this is all just to say that I really love skiing. This is another aspect of the experience that makes it so great that I wanted to share. If you ski, keep up that positivity on the hill! Let's keep it fun for everyone!

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Until next time!