Taking the new camera out for a spin

I recently got a new camera and I wanted to share my first experience using it while sharing some of the photos I got.

Taking the new camera out for a spin
Highlight got a bit blown out but the building looks great

I recently ordered the Sony a6400 off eBay. This camera is a few years old now, but it will serve as a great entry point as I get into the world of cameras. Seeing as I never had used a camera before I decided to go on a walk around my neighborhood and test it out. I clicked in a 16mm (24mm on APS-C) f2.8 lens that I got with it and set out on my journey.

Screwed up the focus slightly on this one

The weather was perfect and trees were blooming along the sidewalks. I started simple and just snapped a photo of a beautiful pink tree. As you can see, I didn't quite get the focus right. Learning to use a camera is a new thing for me and I definitely have much to learn!

Image seems a little fuzzy to me

I took everything one moment at a time and focused on learning all the knobs and dials. What adjusted aperture? What adjusted ISO? What settings did I want in my function menu for easy access? I started to get a little better as I walked, beginning to figure things out.

Really happy with how this one turned out

Honestly, these weren't the best photos, but I didn't expect to be an expert immediately. I am talking it in stride and working on getting better each time I use the camera.

I recently heard the phrase "focus on the gains and not the gaps", and that really resonated with me. I am often hard on myself when trying something new, but it is quite unrealistic for me to expect to pick something up so easily. Photography and videography are hard! I need to give myself some slack like I did when starting out this blog. Focusing on my improvements and not how far I am from where I aspire to be. I will get there one day.

Just have to focus on the gains, not the gaps.

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Until next time!