Dropping in for a beer and a bite at Proper Brewing Co.

Salt Lake City's breweries are so fun to explore and check out. One weekend, my friend and I stopped in at Proper Brewing Co.

Dropping in for a beer and a bite at Proper Brewing Co.
Photo by Thais Do Rio / Unsplash

One Friday night my friend and I decided to check out a few new places. We stopped in at The Spot for some pool and drinks. After watching Utah beat up on Oregon and me beating up on my friend in pool, we checked out the brewery across the street.

One unique thing about Proper Brewing Company's Salt Lake City location was that they also owned the building directly adjacent. This building was a great, late night burger place. I ordered some loaded fries, and my friend ordered a burger. They offered to bring the items over to the brewery once they were done cooking which was super cool.

Proper Brewing Company | Proper Brewing Salt Lake City
Proper Brewing Salt Lake City

We headed over to the other building and grabbed a few drinks and soaked in the atmosphere. The building was filled with people enjoying drinks, conversation, and some of the many games around like skee-ball. Our food came, and man was it a treat.

My loaded fries and a beer from Proper Brewing Co

Everything really hit the spot and Proper Brewing Co was a great way to end the night. I would definitely recommend checking out the brewery, as well as many other breweries in Salt Lake City.

The craft beer scene is really incredible here, and I can't wait to check out more! I might even start a series reviewing all of them!

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Until next time!