Learnings from painting a table

A short spew of thoughts after I finished creating my national park beer pong table

Learnings from painting a table

After a long summer, my table project is finished! I did not think it would be a 3 month undertaking once I began painting, but here we are. Here are a few learnings from creating this table now that I have crossed the finish line:

  1. It's not that you don't have time, it's that you are prioritizing other things. I could have probably finished this project faster, but some days I just was not motivated to paint. I chose to do other tasks like playing video games with my roommate. Curse you Smash Ultimate you are too fun
  2. Even if you think you will suck at something, it may be worth it just to give it a shot. I always saw my mom as the artistic one in the family. I told myself  "I will never have that kind of skill". While I am not at her level by any means, look what I was able to do with some hard work! I am pretty proud with how this turned out. I am not lying when I said I have never painted anything seriously outside of a high school art class in my life.
  3. Mixing black paint into another color darkens it fast.....
  4. Thinking about my life as a whole, I probably should only have a few big projects at a time. Because I was working on this table, I got behind on my video editing, and I barely blogged. It was a good learning experience for me on time management. I do plan on writing more now that the table is done!

Hope you enjoyed my short spew of thoughts! I am certainly looking forward to getting back into writing again now that I have completed this summer project. In the meantime, here are some more pictures of the table.

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Until next time!