One day in North Cascades National Park

The first big adventure of my PNW roadtrip was in North Cascades National Park. Read about some of my experiences!

One day in North Cascades National Park

This past weekend I began my Pacific Northwest roadtrip with a bang at North Cascades National Park. After driving 10 hours on Saturday, camping out overnight, and then driving 3.5 more hours on Sunday, I finally reached the park. After stopping at the visitor center for some information, I set out to the eastern end of the park for a hike to Blue Lake. This was a fairly easy 4.4 mile trek. It was a nice way to start the trip as I worked in and out of the forest, catching glimpses of the stunning Cascade mountains along the way. After about an hour, I reached the lake.

The water was so blue and clear! I was tempted to jump in, but it was a bit windy up at the lake, and I noticed the snow melting into the far end. I decided against freezing my ass off even though the water looked super tempting. I walked around the beautiful lake and watched the small trout darting around the shoreline. Across the lake from me a mountain goat was munching on some vegetation too!


After finishing up my hike, I drove my way back west along the highway that runs through the national park. Interestingly, North Cascades is a free national park because of this highway. This certainly doesn't take anything away from the park though as the drive and views are just stunning! I stopped off at numerous outlooks along the way back to the entrace I came in.

Washington Pass Overlook
Ross Lake Overlook
Diablo Lake Overlook

The views just blew me away. I was originally impressed by the Wasatch Mountains when I moved to Salt Lake City. The Cascades are on a whole other level! And the glacier water resembled a Blue Gatorade color. It was unlike anything I have seen in my life!

Needless to say this roadtrip is off to a hot start. I can't wait to see what else is in store!

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Until next time!